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best forex indicator
When it comes to trading FOREX, most traders concentrate on technical indicators as they are the most objective and powerful method of trading this volatile market. However, there are many indicators in the technical analysis world - and in this article we will attempt to present the best.

Bollinger Bands 
The Bollinger Bands are also a traditional technical tools which are very good for providing leading trading signals. The best way of incorporating them in your trading is to use them as boundaries for price. The lower band is the lower barrier (support) and the upper band is the upper barrier (resistance). A profitable strategy is waiting for price to touch the lower or upper band of the Bollinger, and starting to move in the opposite direction. This signal is stronger when the middle band (Simple Moving Average) is not sloped (flat).

Moving Averages 
As simple as they are, moving averages are one of the most powerful technical analysis tools. Having said that, one still needs to have a strategy of using them. The cross strategy is a the most known one though the least powerful. The most powerful method is the Bounce. A bounce happens when price touches a moving averages and bounces off it. This trading signal is extremely strong and result in very quick and strong trends. Look out for bounces next time price comes closer to a Moving Average.

Commodity Channel Index 
This indicator was developed by Donald Lambert 30 years ago, and is still used today - a proof of its importance over changing market environments. The CCI is very useful in gauging periods of overbought and oversold in price. Readings below -100 are considered oversold and readings over 100 are considered overbought. Crosses of these levels can be used to generate trading signals. Moreover, a famous strategy is used with the CCI indicator, known as Woodies CCI. It involves interpreting patterns on the CCI indicator, and is also a profitable strategy.

best forex indicator
There are many forex indicators to choose from that can help you make more money in a shorter period of time than without. However, if you have no idea how to use the indicators they are useless. For the vast assortment of forex strategies and tips there are a few top used ones that are tried and true methods for figuring out the best time and trades to make. First, you need to consider the factors you are most interested in working with in order to find the ideal trading scenario to help meet your specific goals.

Regardless of the methods and tactics you decide to use, it's important to have a number of foreign exchange market indicators in place in order to achieve your goals and learn how to use the forex market. When you are first starting out taking the time to chat with other forex traders and brokers can be a beneficial experience to learn more about forex and how to trade successfully using some of these techniques. Once you have done a few trades and taken some time to watch the forex currency market you will feel your trader's instinct kicking in more and be able to determine the best moves, trades and trends to follow for the highest profit in the best time frame. Remember to stay true to your goals, as getting greedy and concentrating on short term gains often leads to losses and devastation. Set medium to long term goals and work hard and obtain them for the greatest level of success.

For finding when to trade, use the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) method and for what to trade the RSI (Relative Strength Index) or the Stochastic Oscillator are the preferred methods for seasoned traders and brokers alike. Ideally, you would be using all of these indicators together to find the ideal situation for when, where and what to trade. This offers the best situation for you as a trader and allows for you to learn how to find these tactics on your own. After you've used each of these a few times you'll find more confident in your instinct and ability to predict what you need to do when to make the strongest and most lucrative trades.